Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beth goes for GOLD!

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Josh and Pat go for GOLD!

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Lindsey Dives For GOLD

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Josh's WAFF 48 Ride

Life has been kind of boring lately, so I haven't had much to blog about. I thought I would post some photos of my work car. I hate it . . . the rear brake light is broken out (it has been that way since I got it), the trunk leaks water (which gives my car a nice smell), and it vibrates whenever I go about 65 (the mechanic hasn't figured out the cause of that). The things I do like about it . . . it has a cool sun roof, it does have WAFF written all over (this makes me very popular driving around town), and it hasn't broken down yet.

Tomorrow is city elections. I don't have to go to work until 2, so I get to SLEEP IN! It will be a long night. In other political news . . . Obama's VP - Joe Biden - I got to meet him in Lake Charles, LA. He came to tour Hurricane Rita damage, and I got to fly in a Army Blackhawk helicopter with him. I think he was a bad pick. Go VOTE!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Josh's Alabama Sisters

(This is me with Pat - she had to take the photo below, so I thought she deserved a special space on the blog. Pat gives great tours of Florence for a very low price!)
( Front row: Beth and Amber Back Row: Lindsey, Josh, Alison, and Debbie)

Today I brought my camera to work to take some pictures of the ladies that work next door to our office. They all work in the Florence/Lauderdale Tourism Office. They make sure more people visit the Shoals, and have a good time while they are here. Amber (the girl in the blue shirt) is leaving next week for a new job in St. Louis. Everyone is going to miss her.
All these ladies are great about keeping me posted on any good news stories that are going on in the area. Beth gave us a great tip about a police chase, a few weeks ago, that left one person dead . Amber always helps me shoot my stand-ups. Lindsey has been in a lot of stories (her latest was a benefit walk - she let me use her shoe in my story), Alison has given me the most interviews (she is a great public speaker), and Debbie (who is the executive director) keeps me posted on what is going on with the police scanner. They have all made the transition as the Shoals reporter very easy.

If you ever come to Florence, make sure to stop by the tourism bureau!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Josh is headed to court

I received bad news today . . . I have to testify in a court case. I was told I have to be at court on September 25 at 9 AM. It has to do with that episode a few weeks back when I witnessed two neighbors fighting over tall grass. I had my camera rolling on the entire incident. The neighbor accused of assault was charged and now is headed to court. I am not looking forward to seeing that family again. If I get beat up, you know who did it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Watermelon Festival

Here is a link to some photos from the Watermelon Festival in Russellville, Alabama. I had to sign autographs to all my fans.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am up for an EMMY

You heard me right . . . I might win an EMMY - that statue with the angel holding a ball. In February, we had a deadly tornado that hit Lawrence County. I was the first reporter on the scene, and interviewed several victims of the storm. Today they submitted the work for the Emmy Awards. If I win, I will be an Emmy Awarding Winning Journalist - how does that sound??

The field is tough - our region includes Nashville, Charlotte, and Memphis - If I win, we are going to have a BIG Emmy after party. On the downside, our station hasn't won any Emmy's in 5 years.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Harper Lee says NO!

It is a sad day in Florence, Alabama. I finally got a response from Harper Lee about doing an interview. She has declined. I got the news from her sister, Alice Lee. The letter reads:

Dear Josh:

Your letter of August 3, 2008, has been read to my sister, Harper Lee, and she asked that I reply to your letter declining to meet you for a handshake and possibly lunch.
My sister's vision is so severely impaired from macular degeneration that she could not read your letter without assistance. She spends her life in a wheel chair because of paralysis of the left side caused by a stroke. She conserves her small strength to enjoy visits from old friends and persons managing her business affairs.

Sincerely yours,
Alice F. Lee

I wish I had tried to purse this goal when I was going to college in Monroeville. I am a little sad. I was hoping she would say yes. At least I can say I tried.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I got a letter from an inmate on DEATH ROW!

That's right! Tommy Arthur responded to my letter I sent 2 days before he WAS supposed to be executed. I have attached some photos of the letter. In it he never says he is innocent. He says to get the full story I need to contact his daughter, so I will be doing that. He talks a lot about the death penalty, and how he feels it is wrong. He calls out all the Christians for believing in it. He also has some very unkind words for the Alabama State Attorney General Troy King, and the Governor of Alabama Bob Riley. The best part, he granted me an interview. I don't know the rules or laws, but I think if the inmate give you permission you can get access for an interview. I will let you know if that happens. It was pretty exciting to get the letter. Tomorrow we are going to do several stories about what he said. This is a first for me - a letter from a death row inmate!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My eyes are blurry

After work today, I went to the YMCA to go swim a few laps. I always have my goggles in my backpack, but for some reason they were missing today. I asked the lifeguard if they had an extra set, they said no. I decided to swim anyway. It is very hard to swim laps without goggles. There is a black line on the bottom of each lane, so you can stay straight. I swam several laps, but my eyes were burning. Now a few hours later, they still hurt. The bad thing, my goggles are no where to be found, so I have to buy some more tomorrow.

Friday, August 1, 2008

No Execution, but I got to meet Alice Lee

Here are a few photos from my trip to Holman Prison in Atmore, AL. Even though there was a stay on the execution, there was a slim chance it would be reversed - so they sent up anyway to cover it. As predicted, nothing happened. I just did some recaps for 5, 6, and 10.

On the way home this morning, I stopped my Monroeville, AL to see if I could find Harper Lee. Last time I was there I found out where her sister, Alice Lee, works as an attorney. I went to her office in the bank building downtown. It's on the 2nd floor, when I walked in no one was there. I heard the copy machine going, so I went around the corner and saw a little old lady with a walker making copies. I said hello, but she didn't hear me. I waited in the lobby till she came out . . . I said I'm looking for Ms. Lee. She said it was her, and invited me into her office. Alice Lee is in her 90's, but she still comes to work every day. I told her about my goal to interview Harper Lee - author of 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. She said that's a goal I won't be able to accomplish because Harper doesn't do interview. I talked with her for a little bit longer and gave her my business card to give to Harper. She said she would give it to her and tell her about my goal. I asked if I could take a photo with her, she said no. She was hard of hearing.

That was neat meeting a blood relative of Harper Lee. Who knows, she might take me up on my offer . . . If I hear anything I will let everyone know.