Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am up for an EMMY

You heard me right . . . I might win an EMMY - that statue with the angel holding a ball. In February, we had a deadly tornado that hit Lawrence County. I was the first reporter on the scene, and interviewed several victims of the storm. Today they submitted the work for the Emmy Awards. If I win, I will be an Emmy Awarding Winning Journalist - how does that sound??

The field is tough - our region includes Nashville, Charlotte, and Memphis - If I win, we are going to have a BIG Emmy after party. On the downside, our station hasn't won any Emmy's in 5 years.


Amber said...

Go Josh!! Go Josh!!

Bowie Bunch said...

YEAH JOSH!!! :) Way to go!!!!

Amber said...

you'll have to read the post on my blog about your emmy nomination!! :)