Friday, August 1, 2008

No Execution, but I got to meet Alice Lee

Here are a few photos from my trip to Holman Prison in Atmore, AL. Even though there was a stay on the execution, there was a slim chance it would be reversed - so they sent up anyway to cover it. As predicted, nothing happened. I just did some recaps for 5, 6, and 10.

On the way home this morning, I stopped my Monroeville, AL to see if I could find Harper Lee. Last time I was there I found out where her sister, Alice Lee, works as an attorney. I went to her office in the bank building downtown. It's on the 2nd floor, when I walked in no one was there. I heard the copy machine going, so I went around the corner and saw a little old lady with a walker making copies. I said hello, but she didn't hear me. I waited in the lobby till she came out . . . I said I'm looking for Ms. Lee. She said it was her, and invited me into her office. Alice Lee is in her 90's, but she still comes to work every day. I told her about my goal to interview Harper Lee - author of 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. She said that's a goal I won't be able to accomplish because Harper doesn't do interview. I talked with her for a little bit longer and gave her my business card to give to Harper. She said she would give it to her and tell her about my goal. I asked if I could take a photo with her, she said no. She was hard of hearing.

That was neat meeting a blood relative of Harper Lee. Who knows, she might take me up on my offer . . . If I hear anything I will let everyone know.


Amber said...

sounds like an interesting day--I hope Harper gets back with you!

marvelous.megan said...

you are the COOLEST brother. seriously, you are amazing! :) i love you.

marvelous.megan said...

i have lived in utah a little over 13 months. i have lived here longer than the last time i lived in nacogodches, trenton, tyler, & shreveport. it's home. most def. the average that i live somewhere is two years. so this is MY home! :)

when i went to nacogdoches in may, it didn't feel like home anymore. it seriosuly didn't. it just felt like i was to go visit there. i don't even think i slept in my old room.

sad, but true.

i love utah. i love provo. it's so amazing. i'll be here for the next decade, somewhere in utah. :)

i love you.