Monday, August 25, 2008

Josh's WAFF 48 Ride

Life has been kind of boring lately, so I haven't had much to blog about. I thought I would post some photos of my work car. I hate it . . . the rear brake light is broken out (it has been that way since I got it), the trunk leaks water (which gives my car a nice smell), and it vibrates whenever I go about 65 (the mechanic hasn't figured out the cause of that). The things I do like about it . . . it has a cool sun roof, it does have WAFF written all over (this makes me very popular driving around town), and it hasn't broken down yet.

Tomorrow is city elections. I don't have to go to work until 2, so I get to SLEEP IN! It will be a long night. In other political news . . . Obama's VP - Joe Biden - I got to meet him in Lake Charles, LA. He came to tour Hurricane Rita damage, and I got to fly in a Army Blackhawk helicopter with him. I think he was a bad pick. Go VOTE!


Ally said...

Bradley did get old fast..I wish I could see you more often! I love you!

Bowie Bunch said...

Oh- I see you have connections in the political world! hehehehehehe

Your ride isn't too bad! I've seen worse! :)

The Bright Family said...

love the car--sounds like it is as good as the GEICO car--it's pretty nasty & breaks down all the time too. cool you got to ride with sen. Biden, but yes, don't think it was a good pick, but yeah!!! for that--go McCain/Romney (hopefully)!! :) & come visit me anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!