Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Josh's Alabama Sisters

(This is me with Pat - she had to take the photo below, so I thought she deserved a special space on the blog. Pat gives great tours of Florence for a very low price!)
( Front row: Beth and Amber Back Row: Lindsey, Josh, Alison, and Debbie)

Today I brought my camera to work to take some pictures of the ladies that work next door to our office. They all work in the Florence/Lauderdale Tourism Office. They make sure more people visit the Shoals, and have a good time while they are here. Amber (the girl in the blue shirt) is leaving next week for a new job in St. Louis. Everyone is going to miss her.
All these ladies are great about keeping me posted on any good news stories that are going on in the area. Beth gave us a great tip about a police chase, a few weeks ago, that left one person dead . Amber always helps me shoot my stand-ups. Lindsey has been in a lot of stories (her latest was a benefit walk - she let me use her shoe in my story), Alison has given me the most interviews (she is a great public speaker), and Debbie (who is the executive director) keeps me posted on what is going on with the police scanner. They have all made the transition as the Shoals reporter very easy.

If you ever come to Florence, make sure to stop by the tourism bureau!


Amber said...

I'm glad your other sister, Amber is LEAVING--there is only room in your life for one sister named Amber!! he-he :)

Josh said...

She will love that comment.