Sunday, August 8, 2010

P90X Saturday and Sunday

Back and legs today - the workout was really good.

Food: 2 Krispy Kreme donuts, and a bottle of milk, tuna fish sandwhich, sun chips, protein shake, grilled chicken salad from Zaxbys, and honey/butter toast.

Sunday - REST

I had Smart Start cereal (with honey) for breakfast. After chuch, I had Ramien noodles, chicken breast, carrots, tomatoes, and Sun Chips. Lemonade to drink. Plus, a handful of almonds.


Amber said...

I don't know if your diet is quite P90X appropriate. :) I've done the leg work out too . . . fun times kicking your leg over a chair. :)

Marsha McKneely Ault said...

Krispy Kreme donuts!!!!! Keep up the good work Josh. Love you.