Thursday, July 10, 2008

Looooooooooong Day!

Today seemed extremely long . . . but I had some great stories.

This morning we got a tip that it took over 30 minutes for an ambulance to respond to a car accident. After some digging, I found out Lauderdale County is not using a volunteer rescue service just because they don't like them. They say it is protocol, but there is no reason they shouldn't use them. I got an interview with one of the first responders to the accident, and with Lauderdale Counties 911 director. It is sad they are not using all the resources they have in the county to save lives.

My other story was done in Cherokee, AL. The Alabama Cooperative Extension Service gave hands on demonstrations on new technology in farming. Farming is a billion dollar industry in Alabama. I did a cool stand-up in a corn field.

Yesterday, the cub scouts from church came for a tour of our offices in Florence. They got to watch me go live at six. They also all got autographed photos of me.

I am ready for the weekend . . . it has been a long week!


Marsha Ault said...

Dear Josh,
I have had trouble getting your stories earlier today--but I will try now to see today's stories.
I love you son. Mama

Ally said...

hey..I am glad you have a blog now..that way I can keep up with you! I love you!

Amber said...

fun stories--way to get to the bottom of things with that ambulance thing :) Last night we were at the beach & apparently something happened in the sand dunes--crime scene guys were there & every news station--I told Cami Uncle Josh would have been there if he lived here. :) (and we could have got the scoop too) :)