Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Today I signed up to be a Big Brother with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. They have started a new program called Lunch Buddies. It is where you eat lunch with a kid once a week during the school year. You get to know the child, and be a mentor. The school district selects high risk kids that need a friend. Today I did a story about the program, so I decided to sign up. You have to do a 30 minute interview and fill out a lot of paper work (including a criminal background check). I think it will be a neat experience. If you want to learn more about Lunch Buddies, you can check out my story I did at www.waff.com



Amber said...

cool Josh--sounds like it should be a good and rewarding experience--I'm proud of you

Marsha Ault said...

You will be a great big brother. :)

Bowie Bunch said...

That sounds like fun! :) Good luck!