Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Nap

I just woke up from one of the best naps in the world. When I was a kid, I thought it was strange when Dad and Mom would fall asleep on Sunday after church. I guess as you get older you need some extra rest to get you ready for the next week.

I thought it was time to post a photo, so I put one on of my old apartment in Natchitoches, LA. Remember when I lived in the middle of cotton field? The worst thing was when field mice would fill my car with cotton to stay warm. Everyday I would have to pull the cotton out.

Church was good today. My primary lesson was on Captain Moroni. We talked about having the armor of God on. I brought apples and cheese for my class. I had promised them a treat for a long time. Have you ever had apples and cheese - with carmel on top? Yum . . . it is good! Wal-Mart sells it in the produce aisle.

I was on-call this weekend for work, so I really couldn't go anywhere. They haven't called me yet, so that has been good.

That's about it for now! Have a great day!


Amber said...

that was your house?! you be crazy!

Ally said...

I thought you were in Young Men's...did the mice live in your car too??

Josh said...

I am a primary teacher, and 2nd counselor in Stake YM - I think the mice flew out after I started driving.

Bowie Bunch said...

Glad you got a good nap...I tried but the kids wouldn't let me sleep! :)