Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Josh's P90X Challenge

For years, I have been debating on buying P90X (a DVD workout program, heavily advertised on TV). You are supposed to get ripped in 90 days. I finally fell to the pressure and bought it. I started it today . . . 89 days to go. I have changed my diet (no soda, more veggies, protein shakes, etc.) I have also decided to keep track of what I eat here on my blog. If you see me slacking off . . . let me know. Let see if this works!


Workout: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X

Today's Food: Smart Start Cereal, Honey, and Milk
Power Bar at work
2 McChicken Sandwhiches, and small Strawberry and Banana Smoothie
Chicken Breast, cucumber, cottage cheese, Sun Chips, and Orange Juice to drink
Protein Shake, and almonds


Alice Wills Gold said...

I really hope that you don't post about this every day. Not that it isn't cool, just that I don't care. :)

I love that photo up top. SO cool.

Amber said...

2 mcchicken sandwiches?! hope that was grilled :) you are brave to put this out there---good luck! what about your weight, you are supposed to put your plus or minus :)

Marsha McKneely Ault said...

More power to you Son. You already look 'Rip' to me! :)

Bowie Bunch said...

Good luck! I don't know about those McChicken sandwiches though. :)

Josh said...

Sister Gold - it's a free country -- you aren't forced to read my blog. What did you eat today?

I am going to put the bad and ugly. The McChickens were breaded, not sure if they were fried or put in a microwave.