Thursday, April 30, 2009

Josh and Wendy

This week I did a report about two teenager who were playing with a gun. One of them accidentally got shot. I went to the apartment complex where it happened, and interviewed Wendy who lives there. She was really nice. She even put my business card in her bra just in case she needed to call me about another story.

Things have been crazy this week with the Swine Flu. In Huntsville, two students got ill and have a 95% they have Swine Flu. For now, there is none in my area. They held my two stories today because of all the Swine Flu coverage in Huntsville.

Make sure to wash your hands, and don't hang around people who are coughing a lot.


The Bright Family said...

love it! :)

Angela said...

I guess she just wanted to keep you close to her heart. You be safe up there!!