Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am so happy winter is FINALLY over!

Today was a beautiful day in Alabama. The sun was out and the birds were singing. I hope this kind of weather stays around for a long time.

Today I traveled to Hamilton, AL (my first time there) for my stake calling at a counselor in the stake YM presidency. It was a tiny branch - only one young man and one young woman. There was a good spirit there, and the pot luck was the best! It reminded me of when we lived in Thomasville, Al and attended the Grove Hill Branch. Those were the days!

Not much else is going on. I am looking around right now for a new job. If you know of any good TV reporting jobs near you, please send them my way. I have seven months left on my current contract, so this is the time to look.

Hope everyone is doing good (and hope everyone went to church today). I am just glad Spring is here!


Bowie Bunch said...

Good luck with the job search! :)

Amber M. said...

Winter is not over here yet....
It is snowing out my office window here in St Louis right now as I type.
Two days also it was like 70.....

It makes no sense.... ::sighs::

I can't wait for summer by the pool!
I changed my work schedule so I am off every other Friday. Every other Friday will soon be pool day!
Summer, come faster!