Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's a combination of milk, tuna, powdered cheese, and noodles

Today after church I felt like cooking. I opened my kitchen cabinet and pulled out a box of mac and cheese. I also found some noodles Ginger had left when she had visited. I also decided to throw in a can of tuna to top it off. When I put it all together, it made a delicious single guy's casserole. Yum!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I spent it with the Herron Family. This is the second year I have spent it at their house. They are a family in the ward who don't eat sugar. I was really craving a sugary dessert, but I had to do with out. I had a good time. We played kick the can and around the world (ping pong) after dinner.

It was also a busy movie weekend for me. I saw three movies: Four Christmases (bad movie, don't see it), Australia (good movie, but it's 3 hours long), and Transporter 3.

In just 3 days I will be having another vacation - heading to Texas. This will be my final vacation for the year. I have to work on Christmas and New Years Day. I am excited about going to the Natchitoches Christmas Festival and seeing my parents.

Today in my primary class we had mission themed lesson. We watched Called To Serve (if you haven't watched it lately, I would recommend renting from your ward library) and we looked at my mission scrap book. We also wrote letters to the elder serving in our ward.

I am getting a little hungry -- CASSEROLE TIME!


marvelous.megan said...



Bowie Bunch said...

Now you just got to learn how to make pumpkin pie or something else sweet & sugary! :)

The Bright Family said...

you are sooo funny--but don't think I'll be trying your caserole receipe--ugh!

oh just ehu. said...

Hmm...maybe I'll have to try your casserole recipe on the missionaries the next time they're over.