Sunday, September 28, 2008

My talk was horrible

On Friday night, Brother Ward (the first counselor in the bishopric) called and asked if I would give a talk today. The topic: Sustaining church leaders. I usually don't write out a talk, but just write out topics I want to talk about. I found a great article on about ways you can sustain your leaders. I centered my talk around that. Before getting into that, I shared to church leaders who meant a lot to me - Joseph Smith and Gordon B. Hinckley. Then I shared the points from the article, and closed with encouraging everyone to go to conference. I was nervous, and had a little sweat building up on my forehead. I was glad when it was over.

Another story from Florence is making national news. A 21-year-old Florence woman went missing in Knoxville, TN a week ago. Today investigators found a body. It is a really sad story. I interviewed her teacher and senior classmate last week. Here is an update about the story:


Bowie Bunch said...

I'm sure you talk wasn't that bad! :) That's sad about that girl...hope it turns out OK.

The Bright Family said...

a reporter--getting nervous?! what's up with that? he-he I'm sure it was great. Sad story.