Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Threatened with a LAWSUIT!

I got so mad! I did a follow-up story today about a business in Killen, AL that was not paying their employees. Back in May I did one, and today I was contacted by 3 additional ex-employees. I had interviewed the owner last time, and she said it was bank problems. This time she said it was just part of a new business - struggling to pay her employees. After the story aired, she called my and said I am costing her business money. She contacted her lawyer and said I slandered her. Pleeeeeease! I told her if she paid her employees I wouldn't do the story. I hope she can pay her lawyer.

Anyone watching Big Brother 10 on CBS? It was great yesterday. The whole house turned on one housemate that was trying to play everyone. There some good movies coming out this month Batman and the X-Files - anyone going to see them?


Amber said...

x-files like the tv show? we just saw hancock--so we saw previews to the batman movie--the joker looks a lot scarier and more realistic--you'll have to tell me how you like it.

Amber said...

thanks for saying I was beautiful in at least one pic. :)

hey--you're it!! go to my blog to see the rules!

Ally said...

I don't know about the x-files movie..but I'll probably see Batman..are you coming for christmas????????