Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby Daddy

Remember when I had to say uterus on TV? Well the story continued today. I got an interview with the father of the unborn baby. He really opened up about the death of his daughter. He had only dated the woman a few months when she got pregnant. In a twist to the story, another man has come forward and said he is the father. The guy I interviewed feels he is really the one, but who knows. It's a little Jerry Springer.

I just got done doing my laundry. I go to a small laundro-mat up the road. The worse part about the place is they let people smoke in there. I am really thinking about writing a letter to the owner and complaining - it's 2008! Don't they know second hand smoke causes cancers and makes your clean clothes smell. I hate it, but it's so convenient to my apartment.

I got up at 5 AM this morning to do a spin class at the gym. I almost threw-up at the end of the class. I had to breath really slow, and keep it down. I hadn't done a spin class in a few weeks, so I think I learned my lesson - do more. It's all worth it because you feel great the rest of the day.

That's all for this post. Adios.


Amber said...

I just got done with a spin class too!! :) I begged Josh to go with me--he just likes to run & doesn't like to take the classes, but I force him sometimes. :) He got a good work-out though--he liked it, so maybe he'll spin with me more often. :)

yea--write that letter--smoke & clean clothes?!? someone is definitely not thinking there.

Bowie Bunch said...

What in the world is a spin class?!?!?!??