Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Execution Twist

You won't believe what happened today. Around 6 this evening news came out that another man has come forward saying he was the one who killed Troy Wicker - not Tommy Arthur! This man is serving a life sentence in an Alabama jail. The state attorney general talked with Wicker's wife who hired Arthur to kill her husband, and she says she never knew this guy. Because of this new information the execution may be delayed. We will find out more tomorrow.

In other execution news . . . I sent a letter to Mr. Arthur to see if he wanted to say anything about his execution. I had to send it priority mail because he might not be around long. It would be weird if he wrote a letter and I got back after he was executed.


Marsha Ault said...

Josh--sounds like a soap opera. Why would someone say he did it if he didn't??? I will be waiting to see what happens tomorrow. Be safe. Mama

Amber said...

weird--keep us informed :)

Bowie Bunch said...

Yuck! That's why I don't believe in the death penalty...you just never know what the real truth is..100% anyways. Keep us posted.