Monday, June 24, 2013

Back to Haiti

I just returned from my third trip to Boucan Carre, Haiti. It was a great trip, and went by way too fast. Since 2010 (right after the earthquake), I have been doing a series of reports with members of the Haiti Outreach Program. In 2010, the trip was to make sure everyone was OK from the earthquake, and to look at damage to the primary school (which they helped build). The second trip in 2011, was to break ground for a new secondary school, and then this trip was to dedicate the new secondary school which had been complete. The people there are super nice, and treat us like royalty whenever we come. It is very hot in Haiti, but every night there was a thunderstorm which cooled things off. My new reports from this trip will start to air next Monday.

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Amber said...

we want more pictures :) Sounds like it was a good trip. I'm proud of you!