Friday, November 18, 2011


I am going to try to break up my Facebook - Blog problem of posting the same stuff on both. I will try to do some BLOG EXCLUSIVES every few weeks, so you will want to look at my blog.

So for my very first exclusive, I want to introduce my new 42 inch plasma TV. I had co-worker who got a new job, to they needed to get rid of all their stuff. I was lucky to get this TV (and stand) for a very low cost. I have wanted a new TV for a long time (I have had a very small one - the size of a computer for many years), but never wanted to spend a large amount of money for one of the new flat screens.

When this opportunity came up I couldn't pass on it . . . the TV is only a year old and goes for $600 to $800 dollars. He also threw in the glass stand for only $30 bucks!

If you ever want to come watch a movie on it . . . let me know.

By the way . . . today was Regis Philbin's last day on LIVE!, so I had to take a couple of pics to remember him. I can't remember when he wasn't on morning TV.

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