Saturday, February 12, 2011


I got to do my first undercover reporting Friday.

We had a concerned viewer contact us about the adult toys being sold at Spencer's in the mall.

I had to find out what they had, so I took my iPhone and a University of Tennessee intern to Spencer Gifts. We got the footage inside without incident.

I was caught by a mall cop outside the store. He said no photos in the mall, so we left.

To make things even more interesting we had to go interview at lady at an adult store to find out what the rules are there. They make sure to keep anyone under 18 out.

Spencer's is right on the line of pornography, so they don't have to follow those rules.

The whole day was very interesting, and a first in my reporting experience in TV.

It is amazing how many people have responded to the story and thing it's ok for those items to be sold in a mall.

Here is some video from my undercover operation.

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