Saturday, December 11, 2010

Home for the holidays

I am sitting at my desk at work and just remembered I never updated my blog since my vacation to Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana a week ago.

I had the best 9 days off. I had to work Thanksgiving Day, but as soon as I got off I got on the road (headed to Texas). I drove all the way to Arkansas the first night and spent more than $100 at a hotel in Forrest City, AR. I was so excited to get home I got up at 4 AM and checked out.

I made it to my parents home in Nacogdoches, TX by 10 AM. My sister Amber, and her family (who live in Corpus Christi, TX) were home for Thanksgiving, and didn't really know I was coming until the last few minutes. It was good to see them.

On Saturday, I got to spend some quality time with my sisters Abby and Megan. Abby got married in March, so it was good to see her new husband, Chris, again. My younger sister Megan is always fun to be around. We are still the only single ones in my family. We went to the Nacogdoches Christmas Festival. We took a hay ride, and got to see one of Santa's reindeer's.

The adventures continued after church Sunday. My mom agreed to be my travel companion, and we drove to Dallas, TX to see my sister Ally. She has lived there for the past 3 years, and I had never been there. It was good to see her and her family.

On Monday, we were on the road again to see my sister Ginger. She lives 5 hours north in Pea Ridge, Arkansas (near Bentonville - where Walmart was started). We spent two days there. It was almost my first time to see them in their new home. She has 5 children. I got to go to my nieces basketball game (where she made a very important basket) and buy donuts with two of my nephews.

The last important stop on my vacation was to Natchitoches, Louisiana. This is where I went to college (Northwestern State University). The first Saturday in December is always the Christmas Festival. Big parade at 2 (which I thought was at 10), and a HUGE firework show at nightfall. It is something you have to experience once in your life. You almost get crushed every time you go with the amount of people that attend.

To top off the trip, my dad helped me get a new vehicle. He was kind enough to trade in his Dodge, so I could get a better deal on my new 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. It is very nice. He is going to keep my Isuzu Rodeo. It was nice driving all the way back in my new car!

The weather was great all week, but by the time I got back to Knoxville it was snowing! I already miss Texas.

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