Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dead Dogs + Freezer

Today was very unusual - I saw my first frozen dog. A couple of weeks ago, several dogs were found at a home in Sweetwater, TN. I was the one sent out to get video of the house. Today the property owner, who had rented the house out to a couple called and said she was taking everything out of the house and wanted me to come get video. I went . . . . and could not believe what I saw. It was horrible. The entire house was covered in dog feces . . . even the top of the couch. Plus, the dogs were still in the freezer on the back porch - wrapped in a blanket. The family had disappeared several weeks ago, and their landlord was beside herself with having to clean up the mess. She hired some guys to burn everything. I felt really bad for her. The sheriff's department has decided not to charge the renters, and the health dept. isn't going to do anything. The worse part of the whole day was when I got done video taping inside I was covered in FLEAS - I went straight home and took a shower. I hope my apartment does not get infested.

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