Saturday, November 28, 2009

Working on Thanksgiving

Tonight ends a long week of working. Working on any holiday isn't fun, but it's something I have gotten used to working in TV. I am the new guy at WATE-TV, so I knew I would be put on every holiday they could think of -- goodbye Christmas! It is usually not that bad, things are really slow, and its a lot of sitting around doing nothing. Its 9:52 PM, I get off at 11:30 tonight. I am already done.

Thanksgiving was good. There is another member of the church that works here at the TV station, Phil Marlow (he is one of the editors). He invited me over to his home for Thanksgiving lunch. He also had to be at work at 2:30 on Thursday. He is married, with a young daughter, and one on the way - all originally from Idaho. I only got to eat for 10 minutes, because her brother and family, from Atlanta, were running late, and they had the turkey. I had to leave at 2 - so I wouldn't be late for work. They arrived at 1:30 PM. At least, I got to taste a little turkey and mashed potatoes.

Starting this week, I have to work every Saturday. Its not that bad, my new weekend is Sunday and Monday. We had a reporter leave, so I have to cover her shift until we get a replacement.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. It will be great when we can get all 7 kids home at the same time for Thanksgiving. One day . . . I am still craving canned cranberry sauce.


The Bright Family said...

I miss you Josh!!

Bowie Bunch said...

That was so sad. Sorry you are having to work so much! Hang in there! I love you.

marvelous.megan said...

I love you too son. Hope this week goes a lot better for you.

Josh A. said...

Megan, you my sister, you ain't my mama!