Monday, February 23, 2009

Josh cooks up delicious new recipe

I got creative tonight for dinner, and made the above dish. It is a mix of broccoli, tomatoes, green peas, and eggs. You could call it a fancy omelet, I call it a work of dinner art. It tasted really good too!

Before I left work today, I got a great e-mail from some viewers. It made me happy. Some people are noticing my hard work in being more creative. One of my signature stand-ups, is when I am in one location, then I turn, and end up in a new place. It looks cool on TV, and these people appreciated it.

I wanted to email you to share with you the amusement that you bring to our news cast each and every night. My husband and I are loving the new "quick turn around thing" that you have started doing. You did it tonight during your story on Lauderdale EMS and we have see you do it several times before. We love watching you and now love the laugh we get when we see you do it each and every time. Thanks for keeping the nightly news interesting!


Ken and Mandy
Makes all your hard work worth it.
Stake Calling Update: I had to drive 2 hours to Tupelo, MS for their ward conference Sunday. Our stake president this year is just calling people from the congregation to bear their testimonies, for most of the meeting. Guess who he picked? Me. It was strange bearing your testimony in a ward you have never been to, but it was an experience.
Hope everyone has a great week.


Ally said...

I love watching your stories! Looks like a yummy dinner.:) Love you!

The Bright Family said...

I'm going to have to look up this new quick turn you do. :)

Marsha Ault said...

Has Sarah Holland been back to church or Institute? I hope she is not dropping out. She sounded like a neat person.
Your omelot makes me hungry! I am still trying to loose some more weight. I have lost 14 pounds this past year. Slow but sure. :)

marvelous.megan said...

I miss my brother. && my friend is not a boyfriend. :) haha.

I LOVE YOU. I will try to call you soon.

Bowie Bunch said...

That was such a nice e-mail! :)