Sunday, January 4, 2009

Josh makes his anchoring debut

Here are the photos to prove it! It turned out great. The newscast didn't start till after11 PM because the football game before went into overtime. It gave me plenty of time to practice. Everything went really smooth, I goofed on a couple of words, but over-all it was a success. Several of the news staff said I did good for my first time. I can now add anchoring to my resume. I never thought I would like anchoring, but I really enjoyed it.

Do I look like Peter Jennings?
This is the crew that made me look good.
This is the camera, the teleprompter is in front, so you can read while looking directly at the camera.
A behind the shot look, that green wall is used for weather.
Josh and Remeisha Shade (the weekend meteorologist)
Getting my scripts ready for the show.


Angela said...

You look like a natural!

The Bright Family said...

I'm going right now to WAFF to see if I see you!

Josh A said...

It probably won't be on till Monday, they don't post anything from the weekend until then.

The Bright Family said...

yea, I checked every story, didn't find you, just that girl, I'll check back tomorrow

Bowie Bunch said...

You look sooooooooo good! Good job!!!! :)

Ally said...

Yea! I wish I could've watched it live! I love you!