Friday, January 30, 2009

Convicted murderer knows my NAME

Check out this story I did today. Make sure to watch the video section. This man shot and strangled his stepdaughter - he took a plea today. When he was leaving the courtroom, guess who he talked to BY NAME???? ME! Scary?!?! I had never meet him before in my life. Everyone watches WAFF 48.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's time for a FLASHBACK! (plus a critique)

I really didn't have anything to post, so I thought it would be good to go back in time for this blog. Here is a photo from 2004, when I graduated from Northwestern State in Natchitoches, LA. Memories!
I do have one thing I can share . . . my news director gave me a critique of my anchoring job a few weeks ago. This is what she said:
"Not bad for anchoring so seldom. Good pacing, good delivery and good, pleasant voice. Watch how much you’re smiling while reading the news, you’re almost smirking giving the impression of laughing.

I know Barbie’s name threw you, but that’s why it’s imperative you read scripts beforehand when anchoring. Another script caught you off-guard, MUST read scripts prior to anchoring. Make sure you are prepared. You want to execute in telling viewer’s the story – don’t want to just read.

But really overall pretty good."
Not too shabby! I hope I can do more anchoring in the future. Hope everyone has a good week, and don't forget to choose the right!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Josh's NEW primary class

(front row: Jill, Olivia, and Gracie
back row: Daniel, Brother Ault, and Zack)
This year the Florence Ward Primary Presidency switched around classes, so I got a new group of kids. I will be teaching the 8-9-year-olds. It's been hard getting used to a new class, but they are a lot of fun. This year we are studying the Doctrine and Covenants, and church history. Today we had two kids who weren't members (Olivia and Zak). I taught them about the apostasy.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Josh's first time anchoring - FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY

If you want to see a short clip of when I anchored on January 3rd, click on the link above - make sure to have that equal sign at the end. This clip will only be up for a month, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Candid shots of Josh at work

On December 30th, I covered the year anniversary of the Air Evac helicopter crash in Colbert County, Alabama. I was invited to go to the crash site, along with family, co-workers, and friends. The man in the red shirt is the son of one of the victims. I had no idea someone was taking my photo. Colbert County 911 just sent these to me. It's an interesting look at what I do everyday. I love my job! (most of the time)

Old Christmas Party Photos

Here are a couple of photo from my company's Christmas party back in December. It was held at the Elk's Lodge in Huntsville. They had a drawing for prizes - I won a new CD player. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Josh makes his anchoring debut

Here are the photos to prove it! It turned out great. The newscast didn't start till after11 PM because the football game before went into overtime. It gave me plenty of time to practice. Everything went really smooth, I goofed on a couple of words, but over-all it was a success. Several of the news staff said I did good for my first time. I can now add anchoring to my resume. I never thought I would like anchoring, but I really enjoyed it.

Do I look like Peter Jennings?
This is the crew that made me look good.
This is the camera, the teleprompter is in front, so you can read while looking directly at the camera.
A behind the shot look, that green wall is used for weather.
Josh and Remeisha Shade (the weekend meteorologist)
Getting my scripts ready for the show.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Look who stopped to see Josh at work

Leigh, Kelsey, Harrison, and Hunter made their final stop in Florence on the way back to North Carolina. Before they left, they came by my office for a tour. I really enjoyed having them at my apartment.

Tomorrow is the BIG day! I will be anchoring the 10 newscast, so make sure to check Sunday to see how it goes. I will give a full report after church.

Hope everyone is having a great New Year!