Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Josh survives knife attack

This is the ACTUAL knife!

This week has been very SLOW in the news business. One exciting event was when I was attacked by a knife (well actually my new company car was attacked). I was out on a story about a 15-year-old boy who had run away (don't worry - he was found), when a couple of the volunteers told me I had a knife in my tire. I didn't believe them until I looked down and saw this small steak knife sticking out of my front tire. Luckily it was in their side ways, so for now the air is not leaking out. I am just glad I survived my first knife attack!


The Bright Family said...

you are crazy!!!! you made me laugh!! :) Be careful out there--those Alabamians must be dangerous!!

Marsha Ault said...

Josh you can make a mama really nervous with your Blog Headlines!!! Remember that I am getting on up there in years and you need to keep that in mind! Love you. Mama

Bowie Bunch said...

Oh my goodness! Atleast it was your work car and not your car! Be careful out there!!!