Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's a combination of milk, tuna, powdered cheese, and noodles

Today after church I felt like cooking. I opened my kitchen cabinet and pulled out a box of mac and cheese. I also found some noodles Ginger had left when she had visited. I also decided to throw in a can of tuna to top it off. When I put it all together, it made a delicious single guy's casserole. Yum!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I spent it with the Herron Family. This is the second year I have spent it at their house. They are a family in the ward who don't eat sugar. I was really craving a sugary dessert, but I had to do with out. I had a good time. We played kick the can and around the world (ping pong) after dinner.

It was also a busy movie weekend for me. I saw three movies: Four Christmases (bad movie, don't see it), Australia (good movie, but it's 3 hours long), and Transporter 3.

In just 3 days I will be having another vacation - heading to Texas. This will be my final vacation for the year. I have to work on Christmas and New Years Day. I am excited about going to the Natchitoches Christmas Festival and seeing my parents.

Today in my primary class we had mission themed lesson. We watched Called To Serve (if you haven't watched it lately, I would recommend renting from your ward library) and we looked at my mission scrap book. We also wrote letters to the elder serving in our ward.

I am getting a little hungry -- CASSEROLE TIME!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Josh's new baby

Here are some photos of my new car. It is a Mercury Mountaineer. It's black, with leather seats, plus plenty of room for my gear (tripod, and camera). It is not the smoothest ride -- It feels like I am driving a suburban, but it is 100% better than my purple car. I kind of miss not everyone knowing who I am - It doesn't have any logos on it, but now I can honk and cut people off and my boss won't get a call.
I am now taking names for my car . . . if you have one you want to submit, please reply to this post. Thanks!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Josh gets a new car

Say goodbye to my purple WAFF 48 Ford Taurus. On Monday, I will be getting a black mountaineer. I am very happy about the change because my current work car is about to fall apart. It is vibrating, the passenger side door won't lock, and the truck is leaking water (plus the back tail light is busted out). It will be nice to have a dependable vehicle. I took this photo Friday, so I will always remember my year driving around in the purple machine.

Josh and a Chinook

On Friday, I did a story about the ROTC cadets at the University of North Alabama in Florence going on a training mission. They took the cadets to the training in this Chinook helicopter. I thought it was cool, so I got a bystander to take my photo.

Emmy Update

No Emmy this year! Our station did get three nominations, so that is good news. WAFF was the only station in Huntsville to get any nominations. Maybe next year!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Emmy nominations this FRIDAY!

Emmy nominations are this Friday! I am up for one category: LIVE BREAKING NEWS. It is when I was first on the scene in February, when a tornado killed several people in Lawrence County. It is very RARE that our station gets a nomination, so don't hold your breath. Our area covers several larger markets including Nashville and Charlotte.

I will keep you posted, and we will celebrate if the unimaginable happens. (Wouldn't it sound good to be an Emmy-nominated reporter??)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Josh arrested after police chase

Just kidding . . . I know you won't read my blog unless I put something catchy in the title.

This week has been boring, so its been hard to write anything. I woke up at 5 this morning and did a spin class. I was really tired, and didn't feel like getting up . . . but it was worth it. You have so much energy after you are finished.

Last night I went to institute. We are having a big Christmas activity on December 13th. A progressive dinner, plus everyone has to dress up in tacky Christmas apparel. It should be fun. A girl who was just baptized is the new single adult rep and she wants to have more activities.

Not this Sunday, but next, I have to speak in the Booneville, Mississippi Ward. They asked the stake YM presidency to speak during sacrament. I have to talk about how parents can prepare their sons for missions.

I am on-call this weekend, so I have to be on stand-by if anything major happens. It ruins the whole weekend, you feel like you can't do anything. Work has been boring this week. Today I did a story about a Florence man building a tepee, and how the courthouse is moving offices - very boring!

The new James Bond movie is coming out this weekend, it should be really good. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I am free for Thanksgiving, so if anyone has an empty chair close to Alabama, let me know.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Josh helps the youth create a video

This weekend there was a stake youth activity. Each ward or branch was assigned a standard, and they had to make a small video about that standard. I helped the Florence Ward Youth do theirs. They were assigned gratitude. I did the video and editing. They posted it on youtube, so everyone can watch it.

Here is the link:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Josh participates in the Russellville Veteran's Day Parade

We had to duck tape our signs to the side of the beetle
(luckily none of the paint came off).
This is Cheryl Bradford, she is the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, and the person responsible for the parade.

This is me and Christie Ileto, she is the other reporter who works in the Shoals.

This is right before we headed off to be in the parade.
I bought the American flags for us to wave.
Here are a few photos of the Russellville Veteran's Day Parade that happened today at 2. We got the pink and white VW Beetle to ride in. Russellville is about 30 minutes south of Florence in Franklin County. The crowd wasn't very big, but it was a lot of fun.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Josh makes huge investment

Barrack Obama is our 44th president. I got this copy of Newsweek, so in about 200 years it might be worth something (maybe millions). I will keep it in a safe until then.

This week has flown by. I don't know where the time is going. When I was younger, I never thought about getting older, now it seems to be happening too quickly.

Tomorrow I will ride in my first parade as a TV personality. Christie (the other Shoals reporter) and I are riding in the Russellville Veterans Day Parade at 2. They got us a Firebird convertible to ride in. It should be a lot of fun.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Josh votes in historic election

This is me signing up to vote.

Filling out the ballot.

I wonder who I am going to vote for?

I finally make my decision.
Either way it goes tonight, it will be a historic election. Either the first African-American President or the first female vice-president will be elected. It felt good to be part of American history. I was assigned to vote at Harlan Elementary in Florence, AL. If you want to see my election coverage, visit I hope everyone got to vote.