Friday, October 17, 2008

Guilty as charged

The Tall Grass Trial is finally over. I felt like I was on an episode of Law and Order. I was called by the D.A.'s office to take the stand, the judge swore me in, and I had to testify. It was crazy. They played my story I did more than 10 times. After 5 witnesses, the judge gave her ruling - GUILTY. He was charged with 3rd degree assault, and has to pay a $250 fine. He has a suspended sentence for 2 years, if he gets into trouble he could face 6 months in jail. It's just a misdemeanor. The trial lasted for a couple of hours. I am just glad it's over!


marvelous.megan said...

Yes, I do. If Brandon isn't married you can totally stay with him. Or with my friends Jordan & his apartment. Oh yes, come brother! :)

That would be so so so much fun. I love you! :)

& yes. I feel 20s when I wear it. haha. I like it though. :)

Bowie Bunch said...

Good job!! Glad the trial is over.

The Bright Family said...

you're coming to Corpus right?!?

Josh said...