Friday, September 19, 2008

Josh finally has a LITTLE BROTHER!

If you didn't know I have signed up to be a BIG BROTHER with the North Alabama Big Brother/Big Sister Program. I am part of the lunch buddies program. I eat lunch and help a at-risk kid with school work once a week.

On Thursday, I met my little brother. His name is Brian. He is 6-years-old and is a first grader at Weeden Elementary in Florence, AL. He is a cool kid. I was lucky. His dad is on the East Coast with some sort of mental condition. His mom is raising three kids alone. He doesn't have a male figure in his life.

I was really nervous to meet him, but we got a long great. Before lunch, we played Connect Four, rolled around a soccer ball. Lunch was good. He was a very popular kid at the lunch table. All the other kids were jealous he had a Big Brother. We had grilled cheese and vegetable soup. It was fun sitting in a cafeteria again.

If you have some extra time, I would really encourage you to look into the program. They are always in need of volunteers. In a few weeks, I will be doing some stories for WAFF, so you will get to meet Brian.


The Bright Family said...

it's about time--you'll be a great big brother--what a great opportunity

Ally said...

sounds like fun! Can't wait to meet him!