Monday, February 17, 2014


I have been in Dallas-Fort Worth for a month and a half now. It has been a hard transition . . . change is never easy. I like to stay on the positive side of things, so I thought I would let you know they great things about returning to Texas. I am back in Whataburger territory . . . I have eaten way too many Whataburgers. It has been great being closer to my sister, Ally, and her family. We have been able to do some exciting things like go to the Fort Worth Zoo and see a Dallas Stars hockey game. The weather is a lot better in Texas (despite some colder temperatures the past few weeks). This week it is going to be in the 70s. My job is going . . . it's amazing all the cool gadgets you get in a bigger market. I get to drive an awesome hummer called Fast Five(photo attached). I love all the things you can do in DFW. I recently visited where JFK was assassinated and the Dallas Holocaust Museum. I am hoping I will like Dallas as much as I liked Knoxville. I will keep you posted.