Sunday, May 31, 2009

Josh's first hanging basket: UPDATE!

UPDATE: I am sad to report this plant has died. I don't have a green thumb. I got tired of watering it, and the sun got to it. It turned brown, and is now in the Lauderdale County Landfill. R.I.P.

I have always had a chain on my front porch for a hanging basket, so I finally did it. I bought a hanging basket. There was a road side plant shop going out of business, so I paid $8 for that. It looks nice. The man said water once a day, and it should stay alive. We'll see.

Josh's delicious new recipe

If you are craving something new to eat try this . . . it's called Egg Nachos.

You start off with a layer of Sun Chips (any flavor will work), then sprinkle a layer of shredded cheese on top of the chips.

In a separate pan scramble eggs with diced tomatoes. Add some cheese if you want.

Then place the eggs and tomatoes on top of the chips. Sprinkle a little more cheese on top for flavor.

To top it off, fix a cold glass of root beer to go along with your meal.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Home Evening: Single Style

On Tuesday, I hosted Family Home Evening for the single adults at my apartment. We meet at my apartment, and then headed to Tom Hendrix's stone wall. Many of you have been there, but if not, its the largest monument to a Native American woman in the world. It is a neat place to visit. After the visit to the wall, and a lot of misquotes bites, we ate dinner at La Hacienda in Florence. It was a fun night (even thought there was only 4 of us, and the only girl was 11 years younger than me).

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I got up at 4:55 AM

(Does anyone remember when I used to live in the middle of a cotton field? This was my shack in Natchitoches, Louisiana back in 2006)

I convinced a friend from the tourism office to do the cycling class at the YMCA. They pushed the class up, and it starts at 5:15 AM. If you are not early, you can't get a bike. I woke up at 4:55 AM to make sure I got one. To my surprise the class wasn't full.

Not much going on in Florence, Alabama. The weeks keep flying by. When you get older it seems like time is in warp speed.

Anyone watch American Idol? I had picked Kris to win. The show was really good. I liked all the guest starts: Black Eye Peas, Keith Urban, Cindy Lauper, Kiss, etc.

That's about it in my life. The weather has been great all week. It's been great. Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Josh finally has hair!

About a year ago I did a story about wig and mask being found in the bathroom of at the local university here. They never found whose it was. I visited a local wig shop in Florence, and the owner let me borrow one for my story.
Today I did a story about a rape, and the wig store was located close to where that crime happened. I went back and got an interview with the owner about what she is doing to protect herself. I really liked the orange mohawk wig, so she GAVE it to me. Cool, eh?
Her name is Carolyn Bruce. Her store is called Crazy Carolyn's Wigs. If your in Florence, AL stop by, she is a very nice woman.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grove Hill Branch Photos 2009

Here are more photos from my trip to the Grove Hill Branch.
Josh and Sister Reed
President Etheridge and Sister Olsen

The Olsens and Josh
Josh and Sister Buckley
Josh and Brother Stockman

Back to the Grove Hill Branch

The Stockmans called me Friday and told me the Olsens were in town. I was planning to come down sometime in May anyway to see To Kill A Mockingbird, so I packed my bags and headed down Saturday morning. Not much as changed. Here are some photos from the trip:
Brother and Sister Olsen talking with Bro. Criswell at the Stockman's house.
Josh and Sister White at the Grove Hill Branch.

The Olsens and the Tindells.

Brother Criswell, Josh, Brother Olsen, and Sister Olsen at the Stockman's House.
Stay tuned . . . more photos coming!

To Kill A Mockingbird 2009

Old Monroe County Courthouse (Act 2 is done inside here)
You can't take photos during the play, this is at the end when all the actors come out.

Josh, with Scout, and Atticus

The court clerk, Tom Robinson, and Josh

Josh and Calpurnia

For the third time, I was able to attend the To Kill A Mockingbird play in Monroeville, AL. I went my senior year of high school, and was able to go last summer. If you don't already, To Kill A Mockingbird is my favorite book. Each summer they put on the play. The first act is outside, and the second act is inside the courthouse. This year I got to sit up in the balcony. I love going, and would encourage anyone to check it out. It cost $35 per person.