Thursday, November 24, 2011

My job is so HARD

The holidays are no fun when you have to work, but in TV sometimes you get to do something fun. Today my Thanksgiving story was about what you can do after you eat . . . one was movies and the other was bowling. It was $1 night at S.S. Fountain Bowling in Knoxville. I played a whole game . . . I was the only customer there.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Employee of the Week

I did it again . . . Employee of the Week, but this time it is much better. During SWEEPS (the time when we try to get big rating for big advertising dollars), if you get EOTW you get the parking spot, but you also get $100.

This is the e-mail my news director sent out:

Josh was nominated for his hard work and good attitude.

Here’s what a couple of you wrote about Josh:

“He turned more than one story multiple days last week, and generally has a great attitude. He’s always willing to help if he’s able and certainly has some creative ideas.”

“Gotta be Josh Ault- Both for his amazing Sweeps piece getting WATE some national attention and for busting his butt over the weekend to help our photogs.”

Friday, November 18, 2011


I am going to try to break up my Facebook - Blog problem of posting the same stuff on both. I will try to do some BLOG EXCLUSIVES every few weeks, so you will want to look at my blog.

So for my very first exclusive, I want to introduce my new 42 inch plasma TV. I had co-worker who got a new job, to they needed to get rid of all their stuff. I was lucky to get this TV (and stand) for a very low cost. I have wanted a new TV for a long time (I have had a very small one - the size of a computer for many years), but never wanted to spend a large amount of money for one of the new flat screens.

When this opportunity came up I couldn't pass on it . . . the TV is only a year old and goes for $600 to $800 dollars. He also threw in the glass stand for only $30 bucks!

If you ever want to come watch a movie on it . . . let me know.

By the way . . . today was Regis Philbin's last day on LIVE!, so I had to take a couple of pics to remember him. I can't remember when he wasn't on morning TV.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Josh goes to the edge of the SKY BRIDGE

A sky bridge is being built in Sevierville, TN. It will be the largest in the United States (double the size of the one in the Grand Canyon). It will go out 135 feet, and be 300 feet above the French Broad River. I was the first reporter to get to go to the edge of it in a very small carriage underneath the bridge. Only a few inches of metal kept the owner and I from falling to our deaths. It was so much fun! It should be complete by Spring.